Infinite Learner: 7 Ways Barry Diller’s Media Empire can Inspire Your Own

Masters of Scale, Barry Diller, Wait What Inc.

It’s hard to use the Internet without encountering one of Diller’s properties.

“The idea of a movie is losing its meaning,” says Diller.

Which hurt me at first because I spent four years studying filmmaking at Temple University.

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“[Netflix is] like a giant vacuum cleaner that came and pushed all the other vacuum cleaners aside.” — Diller

As Diller says it’s “a completely different universe” to the one he came up in, through the mailroom of William Morris and three years studying the entertainment business in the agency’s file room.

This is a photo of key phrases from Barry Diller’s episode on Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast


  1. Revel in your ignorance, you are best when you know nothing.
  2. Learn everything you can about what interests you, and use what you learned to question EVERYTHING.
  3. Don’t copy someone else’s success. Break down what worked, then take a hard turn in a new direction.
  4. Stay curious and nimble to new ideas — have a beginner’s mindset.
  5. At your job ask two questions to yourself constantly: “what can I contribute?” and “what can I learn?”
  6. Listen to your elders, but also your juniors. The young can teach us as much as the old.
  7. There are no true masters of scale — only infinite learners.



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